About PNG

PNG started in 2008 with a small group of professionals wanting to meet to see how they could help one another in the senior healthcare field. The group met once a month and discussed the types of referrals that they were seeking. It was small in numbers but started to grow quickly and now has over 60 paid members. Eventually, it was proposed that the group change the format to a service-based networking group that would meet at a different location each month.

PNG found that the best way to learn about other companies was to collaborate with them. This has allowed us to build strong working relationships and friendships to help one another through our various expertise in the field of helping seniors. Our first initiative was bringing LoJack safety net (a bracelet that helps those at risk for wandering) to Plymouth county through the help of Liisa Budge-Johnson from the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Dept & the team from LoJack. As we began to grow, we realized the potential of all the resources we had amongst us and now have an annual “Senior Prom”, fundraisers, and grant committee to pass out grants to seniors and Council on Aging’s in Plymouth County in need, and a committee for The Walk to End Alzheimer’s. In 2013, we started with the “paid” membership that helps with our funds we raise for grants, and the LoJack safety net program as well as contributions we donate throughout the year for those in need.

We became a 501c3 in 2015 so that we could continue to raise funds to help seniors in need. PNG works because of the volunteers of the members participation. The board of directors is run by volunteers in the group that want to help grow PNG and awareness of seniors in need in Plymouth County. We welcome feedback, participation and ideas to help us continue with growth and help for our seniors. Everyone is welcome at our monthly meetings and we encourage involvement big or small to help us become better.